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If you feel the air is polluted, what to do?

If you feel there is a spike in air pollutants in your neighbourhood, residential or commercial you must first document some evidence of it. Look around you to see if you can identify the source of the pollution. Is it some road dust? Has there been any heavy vehicle movement? Is there demolition going on? Is there a construction site near by? Once you are able to identify the source, you can document the pollution from there, and also note down how it makes your body feel. Is there smoke? Is it difficult to breathe? Is there a smell In the air? If so, what smell? These details will help make your complaint to take action to clean up the air more effective.


Which government authority is responsible for that?

The Urban Local Body – i.e  Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat, Town Panchayat, Village Panchayat and the Pollution Control Board – District level is responsible for identifying pollution sources and taking action to prevent pollution and protect public health. The Air(Prevention and Control of) Pollution act, 1981 empowers local bodies and state pollution control boards to monitor and initiate action to prevent air pollution. Details of district offices of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board are available here.


How to get involved in AQ monitoring in Chennai city with us?

If you live in or frequent an area that you think suffers from bad air days, the most important thing would be to establish a trend. Contact us by writing to to set up a conversation with a researcher for next steps on how to establish trends. This could be by hosting an air monitor, documenting air pollution in your area, maintaining a log of bad air days, organising your community, representing your community to speak to your local representatives etc.